Seminars / Training

If the staff got tired of working in the office, we invite you to move it directly to the nature! Offer your team a combination of work and leisure, which is very useful for internal communication and labour productivity improvement: Monday-Friday everybody works really hard and Friday evening they go to sauna and have a graduation party.

A company can rent whole villa or a part of it. A resort has a modern conference room with a projector, printer, computer rental. Wi-Fi that works inside and outside will allow employees to work and communicate very efficiently.

Motivate your employees in non-traditional way, raise their productivity, give the staff the opportunity to work and rest DIFFERENTLY!

Larger companies could rent the whole villa with the conference hall, billiards, table tennis, sauna, hot tub, bicycles,a scooter, a motor boat and delicious food.

kaimo turizmo sodyba

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