Enterprises are welcome to celebrate the holidays, the staff introduction evenings, organize team building events and hold seminars during winter, spring and autumn. Larger companies could rent the whole villa with the conference hall, billiards, table tennis, sauna, hot tubs, bicycles, a scooter, a motor boat and delicious food.. Colleagues will not forget holidays in the villa.

Birthdays celebration

Do you want to celebrate a spectacular family holiday, anniversary or birthday of friends? You can book a sauna house with hot tub, house for six people or villa rooms and a banquet hall. This is probably the best place for your holiday.

Winter activities

Entertainment does not stop in the winter. Snow lovers these years will be able to try:

  • Ice hockey
  • Ice fishing
  • Sauna with tub, relaxing bathin in the Ice-hole.

Sports fans and movie lovers

Sports events can now be watched in 4 meters diagonal display screen. Movie nights for children and adults. Watch the TV broadcasts or bring your favorite movie and watch it in a private cinema!


Biggest new this season – fishermen will be able to use motor boat for spinning fishing.

Villa visitors can use fishing rods for free if they stay more than one night.

Kayaks for rent

Vacationers who decided to try kayaking will be able to choose between emerald-colored lake and most beautiful Dzūkija rivers (Ula, Merkys, Grūda, Varėne).

One day kayaking in Merkys. Price – 25-30 € / 1 day. Canoes transportation free of charge.

One day kayaking in Ula or Grūda*. Price – 25-30 € / 1 day. Canoes and people transport – 2 EUR / person. Running the Ula necessary permits, which costs 10-12 EUR / person.

* The river is rapid and not always possible to kayak in. Experience in this river is recommended.

Prices are valid until 2015. 1 June.

Boating in the lake is FREE for Villa Ula visitors. Price for others – € 10 / day.

Bicycle rentals and repairs

We are very happy to cheer cycling enthusiasts this year!  We already have marked routes from our resort to the Dzūkija National Park. Also, we opened a bicycle rental for tourist convenience.

Bikes and riders can be transported to the desired location if needed. We provide bicycle repair services. If a bicycle breaks, we will bring you a new one and take the old one to Villa for free .

You can rent a scooter and ride bicycle tracks. Villas vacationers can rent a scooter for just 10 EUR / hour. Stay 3 days in a villa and get a scooter for 2 hours for free!

We offer a 2-day bicycle trek from Druskininkai to Varena with overnight stay in the Villa Ūla:

First day. Druskininkai -Žiogeliai-Utieka-Maxime (24 km) -Kasčiūnai (9 km) -Glyno lake (8 km) – Mardasavas (3.5 km) -Purpliai- Kaibūčiai-Burokaraistėlė (6 km). Total 50.5 km. Travel time – 6 hours.
Second day. Burokaraistėlė – Milioniškės (3 km) – Lavyso (3,5km) – “Ula eyes (5km) – Zervynos (5km) – Pauosupė – Palkabalis (10.8 km) – Varėne (15,5km). Total 42.8 km. Journey time – 5 hours.

Cycling enthusiasts staying in Villa Ula will enjoy a variety of routes and new bicycle paths. A map can be found here:

Villa Ula bicycles tracks

“Neptune” hiking routes:

Varėna – Lavysas – „Ūlos akis“ – Zervynos – Pauosupė – Palkabalis – Varėna(Route length – 49 km.)
Puvočiai–Dubininkas–Viršurodukis–Roduka– Kasčiūnai–Glyno ež.–Mardasavas–Puvočiai (Route length – 31 km.)
Merkinė−Česukai−Pašilingė−Maksimai−Ucieka− Žiogeliai−Druskininkai−Gailiūnai−Liškiava−Žeimiai− Gudeliai−Panara−Merkinė (Route length – 70 km.)
Merkinė–Radyščius–Liškiava–Žeimiai–Panara–Merkinė (Route length – 45 km.)
Merkinė – Subartonys – Samūniškės – Merkinė (Route length – 15 km.)
Zervynos – Trakiškiai – Puvočiai – Marcinkonys (Route length – 26 km.)
Marcinkonys – Zervynos – „Ūlos akis“ – Žiūrai – Marcinkonys (Route length – 30 km.)
Marcinkonys – Lynežeris – Kašėtos – Zervynos – Marcinkonys (Route length – 35 km.)
Marcinkonys – Čepkeliai – Musteika – Margionys – Marcinkonys (Route length – 39 km.)
Marcinkonys – Darželiai – Kapiniškiai – Margionys – Marcinkonys (Route length – 26 km.)
Marcinkonys – Lynežeris – Zervynos – Marcinkonys (Route length – 35 km.)

Bicycles transportation – 1 EUR / km (the distance is calculated from Villa Ula one way).


Table tennis, billiards, petanque and fishing have already became most popular form of entertainment in Villa. We are glad to add these activities this year – kayak rental, bicycle trips, basketball tournaments.

We have added a new innovation -4 meters display screen for sports events!

Billiards, table tennis, boats, deck chairs, umbrellas and fishing rods – is free for visitors. We recommend you to try basketball or beach volleyball.

Guests will also be invited to join the Dzūkija region’s cultural life and participate in its festivals and events.

For fans of entertainment in the nature we offer:

Beach volleyball
Deck chairs
Table tennis
A boat with oars

It is free for Villa Ula holidaymakers!

For extra fee:

Boat with electric motor
Kamado Bono grill
Kayaking river

Quad bike

Fire show

We can offer a fire show-show performance called  “INFERNO” for weddings, corporate parties and other events.

Villas pictures can be found on our Facebook page:


We look forward to your visit!

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