2023 02/02


As every year, we want to be glad that our services meet Your needs and You value us for that! 9/10 guests trust us, choose us and are happy to spend their free time

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2021 01/25

Traveller Review Awards 2021

Another, active and significant year has passed, for which we were especially appreciated! We thank all the guests who, after visiting us, remember and appreciate their

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2020 10/22

Outdoor exercise machines

We are excited about another new equipment in our beach area! From now - even more opportunities for active leisure not only for our young but also for older

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2020 08/25


This challenging summer, we not only took care of your safe and comfortable rest, active entertainment and meaningful leisure time. We also contributed to the

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2020 08/03


From now an officially - animal friendly! We are happy to inform that Vila Ula has just joined to one of the largest virtual map,

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2020 06/05


Today we have a special event - for us, for all the fishermen of the Vila Ūla and Burokaraitis lake! As every year, as many as 500 pike and 800 ropes were released

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2018 06/12


Vila Ula starts the new season and we would like to share new information about departure time. According to the rules of the hotel, guests must leave rooms and

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2018 02/06

Adventur 2018

Hotel Vila Ula shares the moments from Adventur 2018 - tourism exhibition held in Vilnius on the end of January. Our team together with the Tourism association of Varena

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